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The author warmly welcomes his esteemed readers, as well as random visitors who have looked at my personal site! This is not a traditional author's resource "Books", of which there are plenty on the Internet.

To create an interesting place on the Internet, the author decided not to limit himself to books and old articles (for this, a place was left at the old address of the Author's Archive), but to follow the path of "ancient" portals, which were much more interesting than the current "search engines". Of course, my site is in its infancy, sections are being finalized, new ideas are emerging. But, in fact, a place for publishing the creative works of my family appeared. Also, I don't forget my friends who helped illustrate my books.


Miss Cool Girl

A clean and bright virtual world, not soiled by the prose of life, where you can live without delving into the problems of dirty forks and spoons in the kitchen, crowded buses and nerve conductors, creaky elevators and broken light bulbs in the entrance, and other inconveniences of the real world.


In a dream, he saw himself with a strange rifle in his hands, and wildebeest grazing nearby, closely followed by a pride of proud lions.

School of Ghosts

(Four books of magical adventures for children).
What a fool! I am not a genie to be summoned, but an ordinary ghost girl.


From the Tanaka train station to the seaside, where he hadn't made it today, it was just seven minutes of brisk walking. And a girl in a short dress, laughing, running along the surf-licked sand.
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